Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 17, 2010 'Panama Week' planned in Washington, D.C.

'Panama Week' planned in Washington, D.C.

The new version of "Panama Week" will take place starting Nov. 17 in Washington, D.C.

Félix Carles, president of the U.S.-Panama Business Council, said the motto of this year's event is "Panama, changing world trade."

One of the objectives of the event is to promote the ratification of the free trade agreement between the two countries that is still waiting to be discussed by the U.S. Senate.

It will also emphasize the role of the country as a maritime center, the progress of the Panama Canal expansion and the modernization of Tocumen International Airport.

The Panama Tourism Authority will also discuss its master plan at the event, which is aimed at increasing the number of visitors to the country.

Panama: Changing Global Commerce
Venue: Washington Hilton Hotel, 1919 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, D.C

For registrations and sponsorship opportunities contact UNITED STATES-PANAMA BUSINESS COUNCIL (USPA)
5353 Memorial Drive #2041, Houston, Texas 77007
Tel. (713) 426-0554 /  Fax. (713) 426-0375  /  E-mail: Panamerica @msn.con

November 1, 2010

Dear Friends of Panama and the United States

The U.S.-Panama Business Council (USPA) was created in 1994 with the mission of strengthening relations between the United States and Panama, and promoting business opportunities between the two countries. During its sixteen years of existence the Council has organized hundreds of programs and events which have greatly contributed to enhancing relations between the two countries.

Every year the Council organizes a comprehensive program in Washington D.C. entitled Panama Week. This year Panama Week will be held on November 18-19 in the Nation's Capital, coordinated by both the U.S. and Panama USPA associations. We anticipate a strong attendance this year, and several high profiled speakers that will address the numerous business opportunities offered by Panama.

Panama's excellent economic climate has produced positive news over the past five years with annual growth close to double digits. Even in 2009, when the world was impacted by a financial crisis, Panama still registered economic growth. The Panama Canal is undertaking an ambitious expansion, unemployment has decreased dramatically, the country attained investment grade and recently a $13 Billion investment plan was announced for the next five years.

An updated program is enclosed and periodic updates will be published in USPA USA website Several Ministers from Panama will be attending the program including Minister of Commerce and Industry H.E. Roberto Henriquez, Minister of Tourism H.E. Salomón Shamah, Minister of Energy H.E. Juan Urriola and Deputy Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority Jose Barrios Ng. The traditional black tie Gala Friendship Awards Dinner will be held on the evening of Thursday, November 18th and H.E. Jaime Alemán, Ambassador of Panama to the United States, will be the Keynote Speaker.

We avail of the opportunity to thank sponsors for their generous support. Please review the website for additional information. Should you have any questions you may contact Amb. Juan B. Sosa at (713) 426-0554. We look forward to see you in Panama Week 2010.

Best regards,
Amb. Juan B. Sosa President, USPA (USA)
Amb. Roberto Alfaro President, USPA (Panama)