Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Great Panama City Land Rush

Panama City land increases by more than 100%

Now you see it...
Now you don't ... Demolitions continue in the San Francisco neighborhood
during the Panama City real estate boom to give way to new condo buildings
Business weekly Capital Financiero of July 28 quotes the magazine Espacios which says that areas such as Bella Vista, Balboa Avenue, and San Francisco have seen their footage prices increase by more than 100% in only 3 years.
For example, for 2005 the square meter in Balboa Avenue was under $1,000 ($92/sq ft) but sales have been registered now for $5,000 ($464/sq ft).
While in the sector of Bella Vista the cost of square meter varied between $350 and $400, but currently have been sold at almost $1,000.
The magazine states that $300/square meter were paid for San Francisco several years ago but now they reach $700 to $800 ($74/sq ft), with some estimates running into $1000. In suburban Las Cumbres, where 50 years ago land could be bought for $7 / square meter, its price has risen to $40-$50 / square meter.
According to a report by real estate company CBRE, the square meter of condos in Marbella, Bella Vista and San Francisco South) rises to $1,847 ($171.65/sq ft), the oceanfront (Balboa Avenue, Paitilla and Punta Pacifica) is at $2,335 ($217/sq ft) and the central area (El Cangrejo, San Francisco North) is at $1,463 ($136/sq ft).
Single-family homes in the San Francisco and Bella Vista areas are being purchased by local speculators who later resell at a higher price to developers who rezone several plots of land for multiple-story condos. Demolition crews are sharing the streets with soil landscapers rushing to end their construction before the deadlines set by property tax holidays.

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